Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Travel Tip - Finding affordable airfare

I did say Australia, didn’t I?  Yes, but when planning a trip half way around the planet, it might be wise to consider other destinations along the way.  Australia is my destination but getting this far ‘down under’ is also one heck of an opportunity to add on other intriguing places like... New Zealand.  Sound expensive?  Not necessarily so and here's how I did it affordably.

1.  Subscribe to an online travel newsletter to keep up on destinations and deals.  My favorite is www.TravelZoo.com because they send an email once a week listing the top 20 internet travel deals – and the service is free.  It takes patience, but by screening the deals over several months (or years in this case!) you'll know when a great deal pops up.

2.  Check with the airline to see if it offers ‘add on’ cities. I learned that New Zealand Air allows stop-overs at any of its regular destinations for a shockingly small charge when compared with the overall cost of flying to Australia. Given that we're headed to Australia anyway (we found a deal where two can travel for the same price that formerly one would pay) we can stopover in New Zealand first for a sneak peak.  By adding a New Zealand stop-over we were able to take a break from the long 17 hour flight from California to Australia's east coast (New Zealand is only a 13 hour flight).

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