Monday, June 14, 2010

Travel Tip - Less is More

TRAVEL TIP: If you have only a few days to spend in any country or region, keep it simple.  Temptation says, “pack in as much as you can; we may never be here again”, however this is often an exhausting mistake.  

Pick a city, centrally located, and radiate your day trips from there.  Keep your driving time limited to two hours in each direction and you'll have plenty of time to visit a choice attraction or sight and extra time to “scooter-poop”.  Don't try looking that up in the dictionary – it's a fairly new term (okay, we use it in our family) which means driving without a plan by taking unfamiliar roads to see-what-you-can-see.   Scooter-pooping is more rewarding than it sounds because you'll find treasures that aren't listed in travel books and surprises more rewarding than imaginable.   Bottom-line: avoid cramming too much into a short stay – relax and enjoy the 'la vida loca'.

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