Monday, June 7, 2010

Travel Tip - Car rental scam

TRAVEL TIP: Beware when renting a car from the Auckland airport - or any airport for that matter - that does not have an attendant available at the car lot for check-out or check-in. Here's why: We rented a Hyundai Getz from Europcar (they had the best rates). Beware of this company. At the airport rental kiosk, the clerk completed our paperwork, handed us the key and gave us directions to the car lot. They don't have attendants in the car lot to complete the check out procedure and the lot is open to the public. We expressed our concern to the clerk but he assured us that if there was a problem with the car, we could call during regular business hours to report any undocumented damages on the contract. And he was such a nice guy too!

Later that morning, we found several undocumented dings and scratches which we reported once we arrived at our destination. Keep in mind, these were minor cosmetic blemishes. When we returned the car several days later to the same airport, again without anyone to check us in, we dropped the key at the kiosk with the nice young man, reconfirmed he had received our earlier call about the blemishes and boarded our plane. We were assured that if there was a problem, they would contact us. Do not believe it! They charged my account for damages and fuel (we filled it before we returned the car) and didn't contact us.


  1. You should check out their websites and look for legitimate reviews before availing their services. There's a big possibility that if they scam, they'd have bad reviews on the web.

  2. I couldn't agree more. Reviews can be very helpful in these situations especially when traveling abroad!


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