Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Tahiti Travel Guide

Recently, I received a review copy of the latest edition of Tahiti, a Moon Handbook travel guide, authored by David Stanley and hot off the press early 2011.  It's quite an honor to be asked to review a travel book -- or any new publication -- in addition to being a big responsibility.  

The cover photograph of a distant island studded with palm trees surrounded by the clearest, blue water is compelling enough to jump into.  That's half the fun of reading a travel book -- if it's done right, you'll feel like you've been there already and know the place like you're a local.

This presents an exciting dilemma being that, in the past, I've tended to favor Lonely Planet travel guides or the Revealed series (devoted to each of the Hawaiian Islands) because they offer up great format, resources, photo's and history -- essential for Pacific Island travel.

Travel books are a challenging review. Stunning tropical photos and great local restaurant reviews always draw one in, but the format seems established.  I'm waiting for the next wave of design and presentation to shake up the way it's always "been done".  I look forward to diving into Tahiti in its seventh edition and delivering an in-depth view.

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