Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pacific Islanders Tsunami Report

News began to trickle in from various Pacific island groups after the mega quake hit Japan on March 11, 2011 -- so far the news is good. Some islands report water levels changed very little, while others experienced some flooding in low lying regions.

Pacific Islands Report is an online news and radio service that services the Islands of the southern region. (Take a peek into island life and how they uniquely convey information -- it's truly refreshing). PIR reported a 6.1 earthquake on Tonga, March 12, 2011 just after the tsunami warning was issued but no damage was noted.

Several Fiji fishermen had memorable experience riding the tsunami to and from the reef as reported by the Fiji Sun newspaper and disbursed by PIR online.

Initial news reports tell of airport closures in Guam, stranding over 400 people; a flooded hospital in Papua New Guinea with no injuries reported; and in the Marquesas, the island of Ua Pou suffered some inland flooding but no serious damage.

Farther north, Hawai'i saw the tsunami's effect on the Big Island in downtown Kona, Kealakekua Bay south of Kona, with many local harbors and low lying areas facing west toward Japan having the most damage.

While Japan reels from the aftermath of this natural disaster, the rest of the Pacific communities were more fSortunate.  Nature does not discriminate so the fortunate must count their blessings and assist those who were not.

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