Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tahiti Travel ~ A Guide to Paradise

South Seas Travel Treasure 
The cover says, "Tahiti", however the latest edition of Moon Handbooks by David Stanley reveals more than one island; it incorporates all island groups of French Polynesia including a 14-day sample itinerary, an immense resource library, noted historical sites, and first-hand reviews stemming from the author's extensive travel experience.  

You’ll waste no time getting to know Tahiti and its surrounding group of 5 archipelagos with Moon Handbooks, Tahiti, just released in its seventh printing. This edition jumps in with an overview of the island of Tahiti and the surrounding Society Islands – enticing color photographs and maps providing just enough inspiration and information to start planning your South Pacific trip. 

David Stanley gets your journey started with a snapshot itinerary encompassing the Best of the Society Islands ensuring prime spots won’t be missed, particularly for any traveler new to this tropical paradise. His 30-plus years of traveling the South Pacific Islands – incognito and unassuming – will help you get the most from traveling these jewels of the Pacific. Throughout the guide, look for the quarter moon symbol denoting places of particular interest – a trademark for Moon Handbook travel guides.

More than two-thirds of this compact Tahiti travel handbook is devoted to in-depth sections full of practical, and necessary, information that will have you maneuvering comfortably through Tahiti, Moorea and the Leeward islands which comprise the Society Island group. Each section, tabbed and easily accessible, begins with a map of the featured area and detailed zoom views.  You’ll find current prices for boutique accommodations (many of them not listed in other travel guides), dining highlights, traveling tips and resources for navigating between the islands – challenging, at best, between some islands. 

Subsequent chapters cover remaining archipelagos of French Polynesia – Marquesas, Tuamotu, Gambier and Austral Islands – delivering a comprehensive view and an invaluable guide spattered with side notes, history, and local trivia. The guide finishes up with a healthy dose of regional history and a rich reference section on all things South Pacific.

Tahiti is packed with travel extras:

*         Boutique accommodations, travel planning tips, and updated contact information
*        An Internet resource guide, listing websites for further research
*         Latitude, longitude, land area and population chart for the French Polynesian Islands
*        Comprehensive suggested reading list including publications on South Pacific art, history, literature and natural science

Any travel guide worthy enough to accompany you on a journey must provide the essentials – but a great travel book is more.  It becomes a trusted friend who advises, entertains and is worth their weight in gold and luggage space.  Without it, you know the trip would not be everything it could have been.  Tahiti is the travel guide I wouldn't leave home without when heading to paradise.   

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  1. Tahiti is great anytime of the year. I love the food, the place and the hotels there.


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