Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami Reaches Kona, Hawai'i

Today a Tsunami rolled through the Pacific Ocean, a result of a catastrophic earthquake in Japan less than 24 hours earlier, finally reaching the west shore of the Hawai'i, specifically the town of Kona as shown in this video.  

Shops on Ali'i Drive, recently renovated, are seeing water washing through their front door, but thankfully that is all. The guy taping this video only lost his 'slippah' as the waves crested the low beach front wall.  

My sources on the Hawaiian Islands tell me that Ali'i Drive in Kona had been renovated recently so, unfortunately, merchants must deal with that experience again.  A number of harbors throughout the Islands did receive damage but the good news is it's just water and not lives lost. Maui too has seen some low lying damage, again along the walled west facing beachfront. 

Thankfully all is well in Kona, just a bit wet and wild. 


  1. I was wondering about all of the tiny Atolls out there in the South Pacific that are about 5 feet or less above sea level..........Any news?

  2. No news yet... but will keep the blog posted as news arrives.


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