Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fiji Travel ~ An Insider Travel Guide

"The Cure for the Common Trip" is the back cover quote predicting the outcome of your journey if you've packed a copy of Moon Handbooks, Fiji, by David Stanley, just released in its ninth edition. The travel guide contains over 30 years of Stanley's personal travel experience and insider connections, bound in an impressively compact book, fit for new or returning visitors to Fiji’s romantic beach and dive paradise. (Buy it on Amazon)   

Fiji is the gateway to the South Pacific, a cultural cocktail blending together diverse inhabitants – Micronesian, Indonesian, Indian, and Pacific Islander. Visit Fiji and find a place like no other; a vast South Pacific wonderland encompassing 322 islands, only 100 inhabited. Navigating the outer island groups can be a challenge. Here’s the ticket - whether you’re an adventure seeker primed for distant atolls, a diving enthusiast searching for best dive sites, or an incurable romantic ready for a South Pacific get-away, Moon Handbooks, Fiji will set you on the right course.

Like other Moon Handbooks, each travel guide jumps in with a snapshot itinerary of one, two, three, or four week excursions (what many people pay expensive travel services for!).  Nicely organized, chapters are devoted to each of Fiji’s nine island groups, and infused with details and travel information some of which is not available on the Internet. Historical facts, geography, and native protocol weave almost a story-like quality leaving you enchanted, entertained, and informed. Best of all, a 'Background' section at the back of the guide makes for great arm chair reading, taking you deeper into Fiji and her culture.

Cultural sophisticate or backpacking adventurer?  Both primitive and provocative, Fiji and her surrounding islands deliver. Through years of experience and local connections, Moon Handbooks, Fiji, is packed with essentials missing in most other travel guides. Find the best dive beaches and learn how to squeeze in an extra day on your trip to Fiji. Excellent maps, captioned photos and colorful details are just a few features that make the most novice traveler feel at ease.  This traveler wouldn't leave home without it. 

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