Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pacific Voyagers Arrive in San Francisco

Time travelers arrive in San Francisco Bay powered by wind and sun to share their message with the globe. 

If  you are located anywhere in California, particularly near the coast, you'll not want to miss an experience of a life time.  The Pacific Voyagers - a fleet of 6 vessels and about 100 crew members - are nearly halfway along their epic journey, traveling over 20,000 miles throughout the Pacific Ocean in traditional sailing vessels sending a message for everyone.  And that message is simply this: Oceans are the breath of all life.

For so many who live far from a salted wave or the smell of an ocean breeze, you may be thinking this isn't true.  How does the sea offer bounty or breath necessary for life far from the shore? Sea spray may seem elusive yet the ocean spurs weather in Minnesota, creates yummy shrimp on your Santa Fe plate and provides fertilizer for many a backyard garden across the USA and beyond. And this resource - our breath - is in peril. (To learn more, visit their beautiful website swimming with images of whales and horizons blue.)

As I sailed today from Treasure Island (8/6/11) on the Gaualofa (from Samoa), the skipper told many stories. One story told the amazing power of their message. A grandmother from New Zealand, an environmental and spiritual advocate who recently heard about the Pacific Voyagers mission, felt so compelled that she booked a flight to San Francisco in support. I can't imagine how the crew must have felt knowing their efforts generated this kind of response.

The grassroots turnout at the Treasure Island marina was refreshing as the local Samoan community stepped forward in style to embrace the crew with love, food, shelter and music. Tomorrow marks the official welcoming ceremony which includes surprise performances by many local Pacific Island dance groups and officially kicks off the journey south along the coastline toward San Diego.

Pacific Voyagers website contains an itinerary of events forthcoming along the California route, details about each of the participating Pacific nations and sponsor information. Follow them on Facebook for last minutes event updates and news.

Can't make the trip to SF?  Watch the vaka's live on Sunday, August 7th as they make their way around the Bay.
Crissy Field Webcam
Exploritorium Webcam

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