Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 7 - Cleaning up a storm

Day 7 - Grey skies and a brisk wind, accompanied by rain, drifted in during the night. I was barely out of bed when a sudden crash had both the Captain and I running up through the hatch into the cold rain. A strong gust had flipped the dingy sideways from it hanging perch along side the boat and my heart stopped for a moment. Amazingly, oars and shoes left in the dingy landed on deck and not in the water. It was so sudden and loud, I thought for sure the dingy motor would be lost. 

A steady rain meant a day confined on the boat so time to get cleaning. My morning was spent scrubbing and polishing the deck fiberglass and trim. The best part was climbing in through the hatch an hour later, wet and cold, to find a hot breakfast waiting for me. Captain Mike managed to cook up some fine sailor food – chorizo, hash browns, over-easy eggs with a glass of champagne mimosa – to warm me up after a soggy job of slopping the decks. What a fantastic post-birthday breakfast! The rest of the day was spent catching up on photo editing and enjoying a good book while the boat pitched and the wind howled through the rigging on an unseasonably wet day.   

By afternoon the clouds disappeared and Capt. Mike indulged me with a dingy ride to the beach for an exploration of another mangrove forest trail. It was an easy, flat trail through desert scrub and cactus. The earth was rain-quenched and the vegetation, washed clean, seemed more vibrant with color. Just me and the sand crabs shared the trail that afternoon - not another soul in sight. And sunset that night was epic, reminding me of Hawai'i...

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