Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 8 - Riding out the Storm

Again during the night, clouds, howling winds, thunder, lightning and choppy seas returned so, again, it’s a boat cleaning day starting in the salon and finishing with the chart table. Much of this Tayana 37 interior is teak wood with brass finishes.

As I cleaned, the winds buffeted the boat about, spinning her on her chain with gusts up to 20 knots. More vessels arrived today to take shelter in this protected cove flanked by tall cliffs, including a 167 ft mega yacht far from its home base in the Bahamas.

The sky cleared once again in the late afternoon for an epic sunset.  Slowly, sunlight faded and at the same time a glorious full moon began its ascent to light the night. During the evening meal, there was a sudden burst of noise under the boat - a very strange sound, almost like a scuba diver releasing a massive exhale of bubbles. Clamoring through the hatch, I heard something in the water. A breath. Then another. Seconds later a sea lion surfaced in a watery moonbeam, then disappeared again.

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