Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 4 - Isla del Espiritu Santo

The warm morning sun shone on the glassy sea, barely a ripple to move the boat. My cold is nearly gone and my energy is high, ready to take on the lessons of making this beautiful boat glide through the waters in the Sea of Cortez.  Too excited to eat breakfast, we pulled anchor, found a little breeze on the way to Isla Espiritu Santo and I began the process of becoming acquainted with the Compass Rose’s navigation equipment, steering, and general maneuvering.

We were moving north at around 3 to 4 knots with 3 foot rolling swells when I started lunch prep in the galley.  It wasn’t long before I needed to get on deck for fresh air. With the swells coming on an angle to the boat I was hanging on to brace myself and, for the first time, I started feeling queasy.  Captain Mike put me on the helm and gave me a piece of Bimbo bread and a Dramamine. Cured, I never had another problem again for the rest of the trip.

Later that afternoon, we anchored at Bahia San Gabriel complete with a blinding white sand beach and irresistible aqua water. We share this lovely spot with several other sailing vessels that were anchored when we arrived. We hopped in the dingy for a quick visit with our nearest neighbor, Eagle, and then off to explore the beach.  They warned us to be mindful for puffer fish spikes on the beach and rays or skates lying buried in the sand in shallow waters. 

It was low tide and the beach extended into the water for at least one hundred yards, leaving us to pull the dingy along in a foot of water to dry sand.  Mangrove forests line the cove and tomorrow we will return to visit the frigate bird colony the far end. What a fabulous first day!

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